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The City, University of London team comes from the Centre for Software Reliability (CSR), the Research Centre for Machine Learning (RCML) and the Data Science Institute (DSI).

City University of London – Centre for Software Reliability

City University of London – Research Centre for Machine Learning

Research Topic

Our research addresses the following questions:

1. What is the basis for judging that AVs are acceptable for widespread use? How to define and manage the trade-offs that arise between safety, efficiency and cost etc. How to evaluate confidence and combine disparate evidence.

2. What architecture, training and implementation strategies can be used to manage and reduce risks to passengers and public during AV development prior to widespread acceptance, and how is the contribution of these to system safety to be assessed?

We will address the research questions from an assurance case perspective, to structure and challenge the claims and assumptions.

Research Team

Professor Robin E Bloomfield FREng

Professor of System and Software Dependability

Phone +44 20 7832 5850 (PA)

Dr. Peter Popov

Associate Dean (International)

Phone +44 20 7040 8963

Prof. Lorenzo Strigini

Professor of Systems Engineering – Director, Centre for Software Reliability

Phone +44 20 7040 8245

Prof. Artur d’Avila Garcez

Professor of Computer Science

Phone +44 20 7040 8344