Fortiss is a research institute of the Free State of Bavaria for software-intensive systems and services and as a non-commercial, scientific, legally independent research institution. Fortiss AI Center explores the potential of AI technologies and develops new methods for their safe usage. On this basis, companies can develop innovative, AI-based products, services, value chains, and areas of business. Fortiss service fortiss Mittelstand for SMEs gives medium-sized partners easier access to the latest technologies and provides support from the implementation phase right through to marketable prototypes.

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Research Topic

BEtter Scenario Testing (BEST)

BEST develops a novel methodology and technology for deriving tests from scenario types and technology for generating scenario types from recorded drives. The main research goals of BEST include the provision of quantitative guarantees on the quality of scenario types and the required quality of tests. In particular, this ambitious proposal is structured into five topics of research: developing methods for better test case generation; moving from testing cars to testing C2X; mining scenario types and comparing them to manually derived types; understanding the diversity of scenario types, and developing a living set of scenario types.

Research Team

Prof. Dr. Alexander Pretschner

Scientific director, Head of Software and Systems engineering at TUM

Phone +49 89 289 17876

Dr. Harald Rueß

Scientific Managing Director

Dr. Holger Pfeifer

Head of Software Dependability

Phone +49 89 360 352229