Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS

The Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS conducts applied research into the topics of tomorrow: artificial intelligence, cognitive systems and intelligent software architectures for autonomous systems. Our research activities focus in particular on safety-critical applications in environments such as Industry 4.0 and automotive, as well as mobile machines and commercial vehicles. We examine for example how artificial intelligence can be validated so that it can be used in autonomous vehicles, human-robot interfaces and medical devices.

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Research Topic

Adaptive Safety Management for Lifelike Autonomous Driving

For making autonomous driving reality beyond prototypes with safety drivers as backup, a major leap in innovation of the systems’ safety is vital. For this, autonomous vehicles have to deal with several uncertainties with respect to their perception and decisions taken based on inherently unsafe machine learning algorithms or external infrastructure-based sensor information. To take up this challenge, Fraunhofer IKS follows two parallel approaches (1) to research on adaptively managing the safety of autonomous systems instead of operating with worst case assumptions from the development phase, (2) to derive realistic estimations for the uncertainty of the perception. We expect to research significant results for extending RSS (Responsibility-Sensitive Safety) with additional capabilities to handle complex and nowadays unsolvable challenges. Thus, with its research we aim to contribute to paving the way towards a future with safe and reliable autonomous driving.

Research Team

apl. Prof. Dr. habil. Mario Trapp

Senior Principal Investigator and Director

Phone +49 89 547088-700

Dr. Gereon Weiß

Department Head Adaptive and Adaptable Architectures

Phone +49 89 547088-348

Philipp Schleiß

Department Head Safety, Reliability and Availability

Phone +49 89 547088-398